Medical Pharma is now

Medecale Pharma Private Limited

Medical Pharma established in 1962 is now incorporated as Medecale Pharma Private Limited
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Medecale Pharma stands as a leading PCD Pharma Franchise and pharmaceutical manufacturing entity in India, specializing in offering distributorship of premium-quality pharmaceutical products. Our commitment extends beyond just supplying products; we strive to empower our franchise partners with comprehensive marketing support. This support includes an array of promotional materials such as visual aids, gift articles, M.R. bags, visiting cards, prescription pads, product literature, and reminder cards.
The M.R. bags we offer are not only practical for carrying promotional materials but also serve as branding tools, increasing visibility for our franchise partners. Visiting cards bearing the Medecale Pharma logo and contact information facilitate easy communication and networking, enhancing the professional image of our partners.
Additionally, our reminder cards serve as gentle prompts to healthcare professionals, encouraging them to consider prescribing our products when appropriate. Through these marketing materials, Medecale Pharma aims to equip its franchise partners with the necessary tools and resources to succeed in the competitive pharmaceutical industry while maintaining the highest standards of quality and professionalism.
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Third Party Pharma Manufacturing

Medecale Pharma is a reputable pharmaceutical company offering third-party manufacturing as well as PCD PHARMA FRANCHISE services for a wide range of pharmaceutical products. Their advanced facilities and stringent quality control measures ensure the accurate and efficient production of tablets, capsules, injectables, and syrups.
With a focus on quality, efficiency, and flexibility, Medecale Pharma provides a dependable and cost-effective outsourcing solution for pharmaceutical companies. Their commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of their operations, from manufacturing to distribution.
Medecale Pharma’s state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with modern technology to meet the highest standards of production. Their strict quality control measures guarantee that all products meet regulatory requirements and adhere to industry best practices.

By choosing Medecale Pharma as their manufacturing partner, pharmaceutical companies can rely on a trusted ally dedicated to delivering high-quality products in a timely and cost-effective manner. Medecale Pharma’s emphasis on quality, efficiency, and flexibility makes them a preferred choice for pharmaceutical companies looking to outsource their manufacturing operations.

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Medecale Pharma

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Medecale Pharma Private Limited

Formerly known as Medical Pharma, Medecale Pharma has achieved a significant milestone of 61 years in the global market,
catering to nearly 10 million patients by offering them high-quality and affordable medicines.
The company remains committed to providing cure and care to patients worldwide.

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S – 102/10,Transport Nagar , Lucknow – 226012

0522 369 8164 , + 91 9140 700 800 , +91 9418 222 444 ,+91 999 333 5081contact@medecalepharma.com

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Idartganj,M.B Gohna – 276403

0577 965008manufacturing@medecalepharma.com

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Aurora Waterfront ,10th Floor, Sector V,
Salt Lake, Kolkata , West Bengal 700097, IN

+91 8290405007kolkata@medecalepharma.com
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Pacific Medical Pharma

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Medical Pharma

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Adyant Pharmaceuticals

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