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Medecale Pharma, a dynamic pharmaceutical company, stands out for its diverse divisions—
Pacific Medical Pharma, Medical Pharma, and Adyant Pharma—each contributing significantly to the healthcare industry. Pacific Medical Pharma is a frontrunner in the pharmaceutical industry, boasting a wide array of products tailored to address various health needs. With a portfolio exceeding 100 products in the general range, the company ensures high-quality packaging to maintain product integrity and appeal. Known for its commitment to excellence, Pacific Medical Pharma has cultivated a strong reputation for reliability and efficacy among healthcare professionals and consumers alike.

Medical Pharma, another division under Medecale Pharma, maintains the company’s commitment to excellence with its diverse range of Ayurvedic and nutraceutical formulations. With a portfolio exceeding 100 products, Medical Pharma offers innovative solutions rooted in traditional Ayurvedic practices and modern nutraceutical science. These products cater to a wide range of health needs, reflecting Medical Pharma’s dedication to providing high-quality and effective healthcare solutions

Adyant Pharmaceuticals specializes in pediatric healthcare, catering to the unique needs of children with a specialized range of formulations.
Together, these divisions exemplify Medecale Pharma’s commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare solutions. Their collective efforts showcase the company’s dedication to innovation, quality, and excellence in the pharmaceutical sector.
Pacific Medical Pharma
Pacific Medical Pharma

General Range

Medical Pharma

Pacific Medical Pharma, a division of Medecale Pharma Private Limited, specializes in developing innovative products and currently has over 100 + general formulations available in the market.

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Medecale Pharma Divisions
Medecale Pharma Divisions

Ayurvedic & Nutraceuticals Range


Having been founded in 1962, Medical Pharma is renowned for its well-known brands such as Female Cure and offers a wide range of Ayurvedic & Nutraceuticals 100 + formulations under its name.

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Adyant Pharmaceuticals, a fresh division under Medecale Pharma Private Limited, focuses on pediatric healthcare, providing a specialized range of over 100 formulations designed for children’s health.

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General Range

Pacific Medical Pharma

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Ayurvedic & Nutraceuticals Range

Medical Pharma

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Pediatric Range

Adyant Pharmaceuticals

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